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Character Design

World Building

The Ashfaera Archives

Homebrew Items and Artifacts to be used with 5e.Full item mechanics and illustrations on Instagram.

The Shoria Chronicles

A Sci-Fi/Fantasy Campaign Setting.


Quick & Dirty Terms of Service
(Click here for a more detailed breakdown.)

Currently, my portrait slots are: Open!
(In small batches. Slots for larger scenes, wallpapers, and group shots are currently unavailable.)

I love storytelling in all forms, so thank you for your interest in letting me be the one to help bring your characters, their worlds, and their stories to life! Visual references are preferred, but not required.
All illustrations are high-resolution for good quality prints and wallpapers.

I prefer to draw:
- OCs/game characters, any gender
- Tasteful nudity
- Items/props
- Full narrative scenes

I don't typically draw:
- Furry/anthro
- Mecha
- Gore (light blood okay)
- Logos/labels

- These are private commissions and are for personal use only.
- You may display the pieces on social media or on streams, with proper credit.
- You own all the rights to your characters, I retain all rights to all stages and parts of the images I make.
- Using these commissions for marketing, merchandising, or publishing is considered commercial work and affects the pricing and reproduction of the piece.
- NFTs/tokenizing any part of my work is prohibited.
- Using any part of my work in LLM, img2img, and any other forms of generative AI is prohibited.
- Payment currently through PayPal only.
- 50% deposit due up front. Final images will be sent out after 100% payment has been received.
- Prices listed may vary, per level of detail. (Backgrounds, complex weapons or armor, magic effects, wings, large tattoos, and familiars will incur extra fees.)
- The first two revisions are free.
For commercial inquiries, please email me.

Rendered Bust Portrait

- Full color digital painting
- Headshot
- Single character
- Simple background
Extra character + $100 each


- Full color digital painting
- Waist up
- Single character
- Simple to no background
Extra characters + $165 each

Full Body

- Full color digital painting
- Head to toe
- Single character
- Simple to no background
Extra characters + $240 each

Full Illustration

- Full color digital painting of a narrative scene
- Head to toe character(s)
- Detailed lighting
- Semi-detailed background

- * This is an example price.
- Additional elements such as action/dynamic poses or angles, graphic design elements (i.e. text, logos, etc.), props will incur extra fees.

About Quenn

Hello! I’m Quenn; a fantasy artist and writer based in Seattle, WA.As a child of the ‘80s, I was raised on a steady influx of Froud’s faeries, Muppets, and beasts of wonder. Now, I’m living out my dream of creating fantasy art and writing stories to be used in table-top RPG settings, and growing into the forest-dwelling bog hag I was truly meant to be.I'm super passionate about my craft - from worldbuilding and storytelling, to the joyful expression of who we are as messy, beautiful humans.My clients have included:
- Neon Necromancer Games (Mirrorlith, Inc.)
- Ingraphica Designs
- Entropy Forge
Currently, I’m partnered with Arcanum Dice, as the Senior Artist and consultant writer for The Ashfaera Archives; creating homebrew items, spells, and a unique campaign setting to be used in conjunction with 5e. You can find and support it on Patreon.

Contact Me

Thank you so much for visiting!If you have any questions, or would just like to say hello, I’m active on social media.For personal commissions, check me out here.For commercial work, please send an email to